What is Paramount Staker?

Paramount Staker is a first of its kind decentralized staking protocol which is set to power innovation within the DeFi space and provide sustainable & secure staking options. We want our options to be attractive and accessible to all crypto users with different goals and risk tolerances. This is why we offer a wide and comprehensive range of staking options and will work on expanding upon them in the future after our successful launch following the regular and sustained use of our protocols mechanisms. Paramount Staker will initially be available on the AVALANCHE, followed by BINANCE SMART CHAIN, CRONOS, POLYGON, and FANTOM, making our protocol easily accessible.

Who created Paramount Staker?

Paramount Staker is the first endeavor within DeFi of the Paramount Finance team. We believe in our duty to bring change and innovation within the space by combining our mutual knowledge and experience to create protocols that will set a new standard for staking. We hope to accomplish this by building on the working features of previous successful protocols and improving them even further, which we have researched during our Analytics phase.

Why Paramount Staker?

We look to reward users in multiple re-occurring forms, ultimately giving all of our users more profit than they started with by going above and beyond with bonus airdrops. We always strive to push our limits in order to secure the most lucrative partnerships with other innovative projects for our investors. This is a massive reason to stick with us for the long run, and this will ensure that the liquidity continuously stays circulating through our project and being re-invested back in over and over again, even when investors have already made their ROI plus huge profit using the Paramount Staker main features. We will be delivering not just our Paramount Staker platform, where you will be earning reasonable and consistent returns, but as part of our commitment to our future roadmap, we will be delivering our cutting edge feature, our hotly anticipated Mountain Miner! Our team is passionate about building breakthrough DeFi ecosystems that not only support each other through advanced liquidity sharing and mathematics and ultimately bestow upon our users the financial freedom and stress-relieving lifestyle that cryptocurrency promised from the very beginning. The foundation of our team principles and our mission to serve others through our user-friendly interest-earning decentralized services is built on this, and empowering those who seek the same goals is our mission’s highest priority.
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